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today i've decided to write a rhyme

this rhyme is here to reflect the time

of life in which we live today

trials & tribulations are here to stay

yet good times have happened along the way

good times, ah yes, the good times

better to remember those

for how long we're here who knows

respect thy self

for noone else will

today is gone

the next if over the hill

maybe over there is a brighter day

at least for a minute what they say

remember the brighter day of the past

just wish it would last

what don't kill you makes you stronger

the soul is here for a little longer

please dear God help me keep my cool

I always seem to play the fool

one more time here we go again

learning life's lessons until the end

Right now today I will throw that stuff away

All the negative feelings that are in my way

For it's my life I am here to say

Should be much better along the way

Of this path in which I'll stay

A path of freedom from stress & mess

Time is on my side and I caress

All beautiful emotions one finds best

That's it, I rejoice

Sound mind & heart, this is my voice

Now grab the reins of wretched filth

Cast away one more time I say

Positive vibrations need always stay.